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Flash is a software technology owned by adobe which is used to create and manage interactive multimedia web applications such as websites. It has various components and has unlimited options to design a web page. It is used to add animations, sound effects, to integrate video into the web pages and latest web applications. Flash can manipulate vector and raster graphics and supports bi directional streaming of audio and video.

Using this flash technology a designer can design a website more effectively and can give more appealing view to the user. Flash websites are becoming more popular among the users for its high interactive nature and other multimedia options. Some of the features of flash websites,


  • Availability: Flash websites are available on various operating systems and devices such as desktop, mobile operating system and other widgets.
  • Secure: Flash websites are more secure than other normal website since it is compiled in SWF files.
  • Independent: It is not dependent on any browser it is browser independent and would view the same in all browsers.
  • Time effective: Flash websites are easier to design and consumes only less amount of time so it can be developed faster with high level of interaction compared to other normal websites.
  • Media effects: Media effects such as audio and video features in flash websites attracts more and more users and also gives a clear understanding of the concepts and products of an organization.
  • Tools: There is wide variety of tools available to design a flash website with which various graphical designs can be created and implemented.
  • Interactivity: Provides better user interactivity so the user can control many features in the website.

Line focus has professional flash web designers who aim to deliver you skillful websites with satisfactory results and high profit. We develop all kinds of flash websites from business to personal websites in reasonable cost and with high professional quality which would surely improve your market and business standards.


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