Website designing is the process of making highly user attractive and superior design with web compatible coding. This designing process helps to present a website to give first and best impression to the user and make them to continue for a long time.

We can design a website with attractive features with help of PSD or Photoshop file. But the PSD files are not web compatible so they can’t be used in web portals. PSD files are in the image format so it is necessary to convert it to a code that is browser compatible. XHTML files support cross browser compatibility hence it is necessary to convert the PSD files to XHTML files to make it into web compatible format.

Some of the advantages of converting PSD to XHTML files are,

  • Cross browser compatibility: The website can be designed to support Cross browser compatibility that is can be supported by different web browser.
  • Advantage of XML & HTML: This conversion combines the elements of HTML and Functions of XML for designing a website. So it is possible to use the advantages of both the languages in a single website.
  • Responsive: It makes the website responsive to all the devices. It uses semantic coding which gives better and the same look and feel to website across different platforms.
  • W3C validation: IT is supported by W3C validation which ensures that a website is developed only with proper web standards.
  • User friendly: It aims to develop User friendly websites which increases the usability and also increases the traffic of the website.
  • Cost effective: It is flexible and cost effective and helps an organization to increase the revenue.

The above listed advantages are not easy to derive it requires immense effort and proper coding knowledge. Line focus has a passionate and well versed team for PSD2XHTML conversion process who aim to deliver quality service to you and your customers. You can provide your file in any format we will help you to convert it to web compatible form. We are ready to assist in any type of design modification or create design on our own.


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