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About The Product:

Real estate software are mainly used to implement easy business techniques in real estate and other business dealing with intellectual property. This helps the users to facilitate the management of properties, sales, cash flow, legalities, material utility all through a single centralized software. We provide you this software with high range of user interface and dashboard simplicity and other features as per individual user requirements. This software helps to maintain database of all the customers. Line focus use latest tools and design to provide a product with professional quality and reduce complexities of real estate business with best mapping capabilities.

Application Features:

  • Project management: The complete database about the availability of the plots and future requirements can be made.
  • Market estimation: Estimation of the current market values and formulation of pricing schemes according to the estimation is possible.
  • Customer database: Manages customer database such as details of the land they purchase, their payment mode and option, Discounts and other offers used by them.
  • Simple and effective marketing tools: This software is launched with the features for marketing and advertising to give a global reach to the product.
  • Visibility to all: Online galleries which contain images of the lands, plots, flats and other important features.
  • Description about the plot location area: The latest development schemes and other facilities available in the area where the plot is located.
  • Clear Documentation: Maintains all documents such as legal documents, bank documents.Clear Documentation: Maintains all documents such as legal documents, bank documents.
  • Employee management: Details, work schedules their productivity range, work papers etc of the employees can be managed.
  • Financial assistance: The complete cash flow in the organization is managed through this software. Revenue, rents, other billings, salary, discounts, etc are managed.
  • Highly secure: Authorized login system is provided. Employees or customers or others related to the concern are permitted to view only the content specified by the admin. So only certain people have access to confidential data.
Real Estate Software


  • It’s an effective tool for the beginners of real estate business persons as it is easy to access anytime anywhere and also provides all necessary information about the field instantly.
  • Easy to maintain as it follows simple procedures.
  • Very much cost effective a single admin is enough to maintain all process in various places irrespective of their geographical position and contains numerous useful features.
  • Reduces the security risk as it has special security features with separate login.
  • Simple accounting process as it helps to track multiple accounts and reduce the time consuming process to simple and effective process.
  • User friendly and highly interactive.
  • Instant updates to the customers through periodic sms alerts which help them to know the latest updates.
  • Cost effective marketing features.

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