TYPO3 Customization

TYPO3 is an open source web content management system. It has wide range of features such as cross browser compatability, extendability, flexibility and more, has increased its utility in all types of enterprises and industries on web and intranets. It is based on PHP and data bases such as MYSQL MS SQL Oracle are supported. It is suited for all types of operating systems Linux, Windows, Mac OSX. It has pre-installed plugins, modules, functions and interface. As it is extensible and we have the option of specifying customized code within the framework thus enabling us to perform all functions one framework.

  • Features
  • Parallel operation: It is possible to activate multiple versions simultaneously, we can either configure the existing version or new TYPO3 extensions can be developed.
  • The user can easily format and develop content with the use of inbuilt editors, and these editors go with all types of browsers.
  • The configuration language typoscript is used to design a template for an application.
  • An administration module has been provided for safe management and. Changes can be made to pages at any level.
  • It is an open architecture system, Extension are created by developers and can be used by others.
  • Any type of extension can be interfaced to the product for free of cost for outstanding functioning of the application.
  • It is very effective and efficient along with graphical interface.
  • It has controlled login features for both users and administrators.
  • Line focus provides TYPO3 configuration with all extensible features as requested by the user. We have an excellent team of developers who are well versed in PHP with years of expertise to provide you quality and professional output.

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