Virtuemart Development

Virtuemart is another promising open source ecommerce application. It is the extended version of Joomla CMS. It works on the basis of PHP and MYSQL database. Virtuemart is best suited for websites with low and medium level traffic.


  • Virtuemart support multiple products which come under multiple categories.
  • Multiple payments options and supports multi currency.
  • Constant reviews and ratings.
  • Discounts and offers based on product category and shoppergroup.
  • Proper order tracking for multiple users.
  • Marketing and promotional tools.
  • Online galleries for all products.
  • Complete accounting.
  • Integrated with search engine optimization.
  • Easy billing for transportation of the products across sea.

Linefocus provides more and more features according to your expectation in a unique and cost effective way. Our teams provides you a complete secured system with proper admin features.


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